Nourishing your journey through menopause.

Bringing together nutritional science, behavioural therapy and personalised support, to get to the heart of your midlife needs during your menopause and beyond.

The Menopause Dietitian

“My work with you has been richer and more illuminating than I could have imagined.”

Supporting you through the Perimenopause and Menopause.

Reconnect with your body, harness your hormones and step into your power.

The perimenopausal years mark change for your body which can leave you feeling frustrated and flawed. My ethos and services as a menopause dietitian blend together scientific rigor, real-world practicalities and a compassionate understanding to guide you gently towards confidence and clarity around nourishment, in the holistic sense, for your whole body and mind.

Laura Clark, BSC RD PgCert.

Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant

My approach is not about quick fix menopausal meal plans that remain detached from the very core of you. Instead, I will invite you to pause, reconnect and create a nourishing relationship with food on your own terms.

Working with me will provide you with solid foundations to support any medical treatment or hormonal replacement therapy you may be receiving and one in which there is flexibility to adapt to the realities of a busy day-to day life.

Laura Clark - Menopause Support

“My work with Laura has been nothing short of life-changing”.

Understanding diet and Menopause.

Nourishment in mid-life is tricky to navigate! Your diet has a big role to play in supporting you through perimenopause but fluctuating hormones and hormonal health in general, brings with it uncertainty.

Hormonal changes inside your body remain unseen to the outside world, but you know you feel different.

Your body shape may be changing, your energy levels fluctuating and your relationship with food may feel strained and unfulfilling.

The needs of others often come first, and your sparkle has faded.

Now is your time to attend to your needs. You’re the leading lady of your life!

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Advice from a Menopause Dietitian.


“Laura helped me to liberate myself from the diet prison through self-compassion, facing the diet myths I’ve accumulated over the years, reconnecting with my body and beginning to trust its signals.”

“My physio suggested I contact Laura, and we began a 3-month programme of support. Having her thoughtful, tailored advice has made a huge difference to the way I eat.”

“I now have more confidence and understand that I’m actually a human and that I am not perfect and my weight doesn’t define me…I have more of an understanding of how food fuels and helps my body perform to the best of its ability.”

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