About Laura Clark,
The Menopause Dietitian.

Bringing together nutritional science, behavioural therapy and compassion to get to the heart of what you need through menopause.

It was very early on in my career when I realised, we’re a lot more complicated than we like to admit.

Combining a degree in nutrition and dietetics with a compassionate heart only seemed to get me so far.
It worked for those on prescriptive diets in hospital beds, but for the free-living individuals who came to clinics, it was a completely different ball game.

They were out there, just like you, living life, interacting with food in all sorts of different ways and juggling their health needs, daily wellbeing, mindset and behaviours. 

I didn’t want to be that dietitian who only did surface level stuff; who quizzed people on their diets and then gave them practical advice and a snazzy diet sheet. 

I had a desire to dig a bit deeper. What’s really going on here? How is this person feeling? How are their habits related to how they see themselves or how others are perhaps judging them?

Is food an afterthought in a busy life or perhaps a coping strategy for emotions that feel tough to handle? Whatever might be your struggle or frustration, it’s easy for food to not feel as nourishing or as nurturing as it could. 

An approach based on nutritional science,
behavioural therapy and compassion.

With a solid foundation in nutritional science, I was drawn into the worlds of behavioural therapy and certain psychological modalities to help people more authentically.

I completed various trainings and qualifications in these specialisms that are now the very foundations of my ethos and approach. 

Additional training and qualifications:

– Behaviour change counselling
– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
– Intuitive Eating Counselling
– Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Laura Clark - The Menopause Dietitian
Laura Clark - The Menopause Dietitian

It is possible to be evidence-based (and I have a huge passion for cutting through the nutribollocks) but also holistic, considering the person I’m working with as a whole. 

We’re complicated, but in an intriguing way. If it was simply about knowledge or calories in, calories out we’d have it all sussed. But we don’t. 

From daily clinics in the NHS and time in healthcare services abroad, I’ve totted up over 12,000 patients and honed my craft.

I’ve always had an interest in science, but not in a lab coat type of way. I’ve eaten food now for over 40 years and studied nutrition for more than half of that time.

Teaching and lecturing.

I guest lecture on obesity and behaviour change therapy as part of the BSc Human Nutrition at Bath Spa University. I have also been a lead facilitator on communication skills modules for undergrad and post graduate dietetic students at Kings College London and London Metropolitan University.

In the media...

I regularly contribute to the media.

Currently I am the dietitian for BBC1’s Con or Cure with Dr Xand van Tulleken.

My previous TV appearances include BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 news, Further Back in time for Dinner and Holding Back the Years.

My media consultancy work includes various weight management programmes for both the BBC and ITV, including collaborative work with Professsor Tanya Byron. “Further Back in Time for Dinner” which aired in 2017 delved into current diet trends with the time travelling Robshaws.

BBC1’s “Holding Back the Years” enabled me to team up with Ainsley Harriott to explore eating habits and the nutritional needs of the older generation.

Me and Xand (1)

Here to support you through menopause.

The Menopause Dietitian has evolved out of my first venture – Laura Clark Nutrition, which I established in 2004. It’s here for you as a calm, concise resource to navigate the choppy waters and unpredictability of hormonal changes in midlife. 

It is representative of my stage of life and the awesome women I have the privilege to help every day. 

Bringing together solid nutrition and behavioural change foundations and mixing them with spoonful’s of compassion and realism, we can get to the heart of what you need.

Feel better, reconnect with your body and step into your power during the menopause.


“Before joining The Anchor Programme I had a very rigid list of foods that I allowed myself to eat, whereas now I generally choose healthy nutritious foods and am much more flexible and relaxed about what I eat. Laura is passionate about her work and helping people recover from the harm that the diet industry has done.”

“It’s an ongoing process, but I feel so much more positive and anchored. I feel better about myself, and more in control of my emotions. I’m kinder to myself, and consequently feel more valued. I guess I feel strong again, and just where I need to be in my life right now. Thanks Laura!”

“I’ve been on and off various diets almost my entire life. Laura helped me to liberate myself from the diet prison through self-compassion, facing the diet myths I’ve accumulated over the years, reconnecting with my body and beginning to trust its signals.”

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