Anxiety & Emotional Health

Our emotions can be like a rollercoaster, especially as we go through menopause. In midlife we’re coping with a soup of hormonal flux, and this affects how we perceive and react to life events.

Our emotional resilience takes a knock, and we may feel frustrated with our ability to cope.

It is common for our relationship with food to be one of those coping strategies.

Wherever we go we carry our mind with us; thoughts and feelings drive every decision we make and so often, these emotions will affect our decisions and choices around food.

How I can help

Developing self-awareness around all this stuff is key to happier, healthier food relationships

“Curiosity is your superpower for the
second half of your life”

Brené Brown

  • Deepen your understanding of the changes your body is going through and the impact these have on your emotional and physical health. Knowledge builds compassion to find solutions in a smarter, kinder way.

  • Explore your emotional reactivity and how this connects to your food habits and choices.

  • Receive support with the underlying contributing factors, such as menopausal symptoms, poor sleep and midlife overwhelm.

  • Create a toolkit to achieve a sense of calm and emotional regulation, enabling food and lifestyle choices to feel more nourishing, purposeful and helpful.

1:1 Menopause Support Online

How to work with me

Every woman I work with has a unique lived experience and I work across a spectrum of needs. Whether it’s a one-off appointment or a longer, more therapeutic package of support, we can tailor something to suit you.

After sessions together, the women I work with are able to:

  • Make adjustments to their diet and lifestyles with greater ease.
  • FEEL BETTER in more ways than they expected.
  • Release themselves from the burden of the constant fear of failure.

Sound good? Here are your options...

Take the first step towards feeling better

Take advantage of a Pause Power Hour Masterclass to delve into this topic and begin the process of creating a nourishing toolkit to anchor you.

The following masterclasses have been developed with you in mind…

Mindfulness for Midlife
Next session: 24th April

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools in supporting our mental and emotional health. It is proven to improve our resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and support good sleep.

Sometimes accessing this stuff and it feeling doable in amongst competing priorities can pose too much of a stretch. With these barriers in mind, this masterclass is designed specifically for busy midlife women.

Or invest in my self-paced online course…

Personalised 1-1 advice & support

Clinics: To find out more, send me an email and we can have a chat.

My 1:1 Anchor Programme: Tailored to you and grounded in science, this is the more comprehensive way to work with me.

Free Menopausal Meal Planner and Nourish Lounge Chats

Simplify your way to Nourishment.

Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

Download my menopausal meal planner and access Nourish Lounge seminars for education and inspiration in all things midlife health.