Christmas Gift Guide

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I wanted to share some Christmas gift ideas for midlife women that will support our nourishment through next year and beyond. Justifying purchases for ourselves can feel tough, but at this time of year we are actively asked for ideas – so here are mine. Hope some of them make it under your tree this year.

Pause to Nourish

Pause to Nourish gift boxTop of the list is of course my own Pause to Nourish gift box – the treats inside have been especially chosen to cultivate a moment of calm to rethink our relationship with food. So often life has us grabbing food without much thought. Something niggles away at us that we’re not eating how we really want to, but the motivation to make that happen seems to constantly allude us.

We’re taught to get tougher, but there’s so much to be gained from getting curious instead. The beautiful tools in this box are paired with a free masterclass from me, so you can start to regroup and create calm and clarity around your food relationship. I hope that sound more appealing than the usual January approach that leaves you drained and frustrated by the time February rolls around?

The Power of Microgreens

Next, we have something foodie. I had the pleasure of meeting Alice from Teeny Greeny this year and got a glimpse of the imagination and years of expertise that goes into these special microgreens. Microgreens are packed full of nutrients and are a great way to boost our well-being.

You can shop the various collections here. I confess to not being particularly green fingered, but these gorgeous kits are fool-proof and such a novel way of getting the good stuff into our bodies. Life is busy, food is often rushed – even more reason to make every mouthful count!

Nourish your Soul

Now let’s shift our intention to nourishment for the soul. We hear the benefits of positive thinking banded around a lot, but often this can feel a bit abstract and not very achievable under the weight of midlife admin. In truth though, the brain pays attention to what it’s ‘fed’ so if all we do is put the same stories on a loop in, then we’ll churn the same thinking patterns out.

These gorgeous positive affirmation cards help with neural plasticity – retraining our brains to shift their negative bias and look at things through a different lens. They are one of the many offerings from Ali and the Positive Planner team; looking to make a difference to mental health and emotional wellbeing with practical and colourful resources to help us along our way. Take a look at their gorgeous shop.

Body Respect

Learning to respect our bodies and even love them a bit more, is a tough ask for many. We struggle with how they change and seem to have a mind of their own, but the way forward to a stronger connection between mind and body and therefore a healthier relationship with food, is to be on the same team as our bodies. To show them some love and take that pause to reconnect.

Neals Yard Women's Balance RangeOne of my favourite ways to do that is through the Neal’s Yard Women’s Balance range.

By recognising the role that our hormones play in how we feel and navigate challenges, this range has the midlife woman written all over it. You can choose to support fellow females by purchasing through Neal’s Yard Independent Consultants – very often they are midlife woman working flexibly and managing the juggle, like my awesome friend Rose for example.

Supercharge your Diet!

Supercharge Your DietBack to a foodie theme now, food and health writer, Sam Rice and I have done some excellent midlife nutrition myth busting over on Instagram. She’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and always looks to translate nutritional theory into the kitchen. Her latest book, Supercharge Your Diet does just that. Super practical and thorough in laying out what we need and how to get it!

She’s been a guest in my Pause to Nourish Group Programme and will be back on Instagram with me again soon.

Self-care is Healthcare

Rest to ResetSpeaking of experts, another lady to honour my Instagram and Nourish Lounge with her presence is the wonderful Suzy Reading. As a Clinical Psychologist and self-care advocate, she champions the importance of redefining rest in her latest book, Rest to Reset. Featuring her 8 pillars of rest, this book is a really practical resource, designed to enable busy people to pause with purpose. It’s by my bed and I think it should be by yours too.

Experience something New

Finally, sometimes gifts are an opportunity to pay it forward for your future self. Receiving a voucher for something that we would otherwise never get round to, is a lovely way to honour our future needs. Have you ever tried a Sound Bath? Fear not, all clothes stay on and instead you get to wallow in the sounds of the glorious crystal bowls. Often accompanied by a meditative practise these sessions can take you on a journey of true relaxation. Our perimenopausal bodies are more susceptible to the affects of stress, and don’t cope as well as they used to with stressors. To increase our capacity and resilience to the realities of stress in life, we can incorporate things like this.

Sound Baths are an integral part of The Soul Spa in Bath, but if you’re not local to me, have a look at who is offering them near to where you live – they’re heaven under a blanket.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little list and if you have other ideas, do let me know. After all gifts are not just for Christmas. I should say that absolutely no one has paid me to make any of these recommendations – they come from my heart and I’m lucky to have many of these people in my community far and wide.

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