Exploring the need for a menopause protein calculator

Menopause protein calculator

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How do we know how much protein in menopause our body really needs? We know that lowering levels of oestrogen cause our muscle mass to decline and our fat mass to increase, but as our body transitions through menopause, should we get our calculators out to help? 

Is a menopause protein calculator what we need?

What to eat as we go through menopause is a hot topic and rightly so. A good balance of nutritious foods has many advantages for our bodies to bolster us against change and challenges, both internally and externally.

But how considered do we need to get?

Is it important to increase protein as we go through menopause? 

The debate around how much protein lends itself to popular menopause narratives that suggest we should decrease our carbohydrate intake and in turn, increase protein instead. Protein is seen as safer. Paraded around as the sexy nutrient that makes you feel full and gives you muscles, what’s not to love?

Carbs are apparently fickle and not to be trusted. They’re closely related to sugar and that’s definitely the naughty kid in class, so the common message is to stay away from them. 

Have you noticed how black and white the recommendations are in this space? These narratives play into our thought patterns that favour all or nothing thinking. 

But feeling fearful of whole groups is not helpful in my book. It prevents us from creating positive, nourishing food relationships that tick over in the background so we can get on living life. 

Instead, it often creates obsession, anxiety and fear as we try to figure out the exact blend of foods that is ‘best’ or ‘right’.

salmon edamame beans blueberries and lentils on a wooden platter

How much protein do I need in menopause?

To work out if we need more protein, which research suggests may be beneficial, we first need to understand how much protein we’re already eating. This step is often overlooked, and yet is key to finding the right balance for our individual bodies.

Of course, we don’t eat nutrients, we eat food, so I find it more helpful to talk in real practical terms about real foods and food combinations as we eat them in real life. 

And by real life, I don’t mean the idolised view of us behaving virtuously, I mean normal life that’s no doubt busy and full of competing demands. 

We must put protein and all its ego in the context of the rest of your diet and nutritional needs, because whilst protein might see itself as the popular kid, it is after all only one of three essential macronutrients and umpteen micronutrients that your body needs to thrive. And that’s not to mention fibre. 

I want to inspire clarity amongst the noise and support you to make changes to your diet that feel empowering and helpful, rather than confused and restricted.

Your complete guide to protein in menopause

Protein guide for menopauseIt’s why my latest resource – Your Complete Guide to Protein – combines the research with the practicalities of life, and the need to work with and understand the needs of your body.

In this colourful, concise and practical resource I give you:

  • The lowdown on protein – how much you really need, how to work out if you’re already having enough and how to increase it if you’re not.
  • The optimal balance of different proteins and meal ideas / recipe suggestions to make this easier to achieve.
  • The ins and outs on dairy, soya and the carb vs protein debate. 
  • Snack ideas – both homemade and on the go.
  • How to balance protein with exercise and training. 
  • How to alter your protein needs, depending on how active you are or the type of training you’re doing. 

This invaluable guide is only £6.99. 

Grab your guide today.

This resource is included within the Move, Nourish, Thrive – Essential Guidance for Muscles and Bones Masterclass which I ran joint with sport and exercise specialist physio, Claire Callaghan so you might want to check that out too!

If you think you’d benefit from some tailored advice, then 1-1 support is also an option. Drop me a message and we can chat.

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