Menopausal weight gain – is this where we’re going wrong?

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From where I’m sitting, I see perimenopausal women whose bodies are going through the most significant change since puberty, climbing the physiological equivalent of Mount Everest on a lettuce leaf, kombucha and a stick to beat themselves with.

What’s worse is this sort of behaviour is not only normalised, it’s encouraged! If strategies aren’t working, you are ultimately to blame and there is definitely something you’re missing (apparently).

This is diet culture.

We first met it when we were a teenager (and for some of my clients, even earlier than this).

Take the ‘metabolic renewal quiz’ I did this morning to discover my hormone type. 7 questions apparently will give me great insight and tell me what I need to do and the foods I need to avoid. I’m looking forward to digging into this one and sharing some content on it with you. It’s reminding me of the review I did on the popular dieting app Noom.

It’s human nature isn’t it, when we have a perceived problem to solve, that we will keep googling until we find the answer.

Weight loss and menopause

I’m sorry that I can’t fill this blog with the promise that I can help you get rid of ‘stubborn’ belly fat. The reality is it’s complex and nuanced and not all within our control.  

What I see so often, is when we hone in on our dislike of our body and doing whatever it takes to mould it back into a shape we find more acceptable, I often see physical, emotional and mental health deteriorate. 

We’re not given permission to take a breath and assess things with more insight and compassion.  

A different approach to health, well-being and weight during the menopausal transition

A current client had this to say:

“If I had to describe what you and I are doing together here during this process I am not sure I could do it very well. But whatever it is, it’s magic because I’ve never felt so settled with myself physically and in the way I perceive myself…”

I think I became a better therapist when I stopped buying into the narrative that anything is possible if you just try hard enough.

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Free resources for you

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