Nutrition and Menopause at Work – is it time for a rethink?

Menopause at work

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Putting menopause on the agenda in the workplace is opening up the conversation and enabling women to access the right support when they need it. In Laura’s article published on, she discusses:

  • Managing the menopause at work through nutrition
  • Rethinking how we use food at work
  • How to cope with stress at work through menopause
  • How to break food habits that aren’t helpful
  • How to approach eating differently in the menopause


Finally, Laura shares her top 5 tips for healthy menopausal nutrition at work. Read the full article here.

Does your company need more information and guidance on menopause support in the workplace? Laura’s well-received ‘Menopausal Well-being -Turning Nutrition into your Superpower’ course has been delivered to many organisations. Find out more here.

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