Pause Power Hours

Empowering masterclasses for busy midlife women on a mission to feel better.

Beat the overwhelm with one kick-ass hour of clarity.

Pause Power Hours are designed to make sense of the science and enable confident change in amongst real world practicalities. Register for a pause with power below or access them on demand in your own time.

Weight, Waistlines and Hormones; Essentials you Need to Know

Gaining weight in midlife and around the time of menopause is incredibly common – but what’s really going on?

Midlife women whose bodies are changing, are bombarded by solutions promising to fix the belly fat and whip them into shape. To the diet industry we’re fair game. We’re told to ‘sort ourselves out’, work harder, restrict further.

I don’t see us being given permission or space to understand and work with our bodies better. And I think that needs to change.

Current methods we’re being sold don’t empower us; they flaw us.
We’re paralysed by contradiction and fear that we have no clue what we’re doing. We think we lack motivation, but actually it’s clarity on where to place the limited head space we have, to serve us best.

I’m done with women feeling lost and disempowered. It’s time for fresh and empowering perspectives.

“Packed full of really useful information on all this food and hormones stuff that I desperately needed to know with really clear explanations. Such good value for money, thanks Laura“

In this session you will:

  • Get to grips with your hormones – note this is not a masterclass that will bang on about balancing them with a food list from a health food shop. Instead, learn how they all connect and how to harness them for better health and calm through midlife and the menopause.
  • Arm yourself with a deeper understanding of your body and how it works, to enable you to build a mindset and routine that supports your health and wellbeing aspirations.
  • Get clarity on common themes in menopausal nutrition to stop you getting lost in google overwhelm. We’ll look at the facts and fiction around Intermittent Fasting, gut health, what to do about carbohydrates and how much protein we really need.
  • Feel calmer in your head and more grounded and in control around food.

Messy Mindfulness for Midlife

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools in supporting our mental and emotional health. It is proven to improve our resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and support good sleep.

Sometimes accessing this stuff and it feeling doable in amongst competing priorities can pose too much of a stretch. With these barriers in mind, this masterclass is designed specifically for busy midlife women.

“I’ve taken several of Laura’s short workshops and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who would like to take a sensible, kind, evidence-backed approach to eating. She will help you to cut through the nutri-nonsense we’ve all been exposed to and allow you to start appreciating your body (and working with it to feel better). Thanks Laura 🙏”


“A big thank you for your messy mindfulness session. Thinking about mindfulness as an alternative to mindlessness created a real light bulb moment for me. I’d recommend this to anyone who already ‘gets it’ and also to people who are still questioning why this is so important. Already working on my plan! Thank you again.”


In this session you will:

  • Understand the science of mindfulness and in particular how it connects to hormonal health and brain function through menopause.
  • Get comfy with the art of messy mindfulness so you can reap the benefits for your health.
  • Learn easy and accessible techniques to manage day to day challenges, that can be adjusted to work in your life, on your own terms in as little as 2 minutes.
  • Build your own toolkit to feel grounded and calmer around food and in life.

“Laura and Heather’s Masterclass was so helpful. It outlined what mindfulness really is, how you can adapt it to different situations, how to make it work for you and, so importantly, how to make it work for you in the midst of the messiness of midlife. Heather broke the science down into easy to follow information, and adapted it to real life. Thanks so much for an excellent session!”

Claire – Masterclass Attendee 

Beat the Bloat

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms associated with menopause. In this masterclass you will gain a deeper understanding of all the contributing factors and discover a roadmap to improving your symptoms for good.

“Absolutely brilliant – it hit everything I have had to piece together myself over the last few years. Can feel the relief already! This is such an important workshop.”

In this session you will:

  • Understand the root cause of your symptoms including bloating and how they relate to hormones and the transition through menopause.
  • Get clarity on what to take out, what to put in, what to focus on and where to invest your time, money and energy to feel better for good.
  • Navigate the confusing arena of gut health with its many products, tests and supplements, with greater confidence and less overwhelm.
  • Take a step-by-step journey and develop your own roadmap to improving your gut health with the complete guide to managing bloating and gut symptoms.
  • Avoid unnecessary dietary restrictions and anxiety, with clarity on the right way forward for you and your gut.
“This made so much sense. Thank you soooooo much.”
“Extremely interesting. Lots to think about beyond just what I eat – thank you.”
“The workshop was outstanding, I am truly so very grateful Laura”

“Packed full of really useful information on all this food and hormones stuff that I desperately needed to know with really clear explanations. Such good value for money, thanks Laura“

Move, Nourish, Thrive - Essential Guidance for Muscles and Bones

How much exercise is enough? Should you do squats or hill sprints? Or is walking truly enough? And what about protein – do you need to eat more and if so how much? Is there such a thing as a protein to squat ratio? It’s a lot to take in and I feel tired just thinking about it all, let alone motivated to get my ever so sexy (not) stretchy leggings on.

Nutrition and movement sit side-by-side, so I’m teaming up with Claire Callaghan, a Chartered Physio specialising in sport, exercise and women’s health. If you’re confused and keen for time-efficient clarity this masterclass is for you.

The movement and exercise space is saturated with advice and inspiration so how do you know what’s right for your body? We all have a different lived experience and a unique body. So how do we figure out what’s going to work for us, and most importantly feel doable and sustainable when it comes to moving and strengthening our bodies?

We’ll be focussing on the interplay between diet and exercise for optimal health and function of our muscles and bones.

“The workshop was so useful. Loads of brilliant and pragmatic info and advice and perfectly pitched. Would really recommend it to anyone who is keen to positively embrace their 40s.”

In this session Claire and I will help you:

  • Understand the impact of menopause & aging on your bones & muscles.

  • Learn simple strategies to confidently manage energy levels, stiffness and pain.

  • Reduce the overwhelm and create a calmer, happier approach to activity and exercise.

  • Be time efficient with insight into the biggest wins for nutrition and exercise and optimal health and function for your muscles and bones.

  • Feel stronger and healthier with movement and nutrition habits that will support your metabolism and wellbeing in midlife and beyond.

Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

Download my menopausal meal planner and access Nourish Lounge seminars for education and inspiration in all things midlife health.