Pause to Nourish Boxes

Gift yourself or a loved one a pause to nourish. 

Midlife body changes and the onset of perimenopause can leave us feeling floored and disconnected from ourselves. 

Use this gift to take a meaningful moment to pause, reflect and connect back to your body. 

The contents of this letterbox gift have been curated with love, compassion and science, to help you explore and understand how you’re feeling in your body and whether your relationship with food and body is as nourishing as you would like it to be.

Alongside this gift that allows you to pause with purpose, you’ll also get access to a free masterclass delivered by Laura Clark, The Menopause Dietitian. In this masterclass you will understand the science behind these hand-picked gifts and receive a helping hand to tend to your needs with kindness and clarity.

Use this gift as the first step on your path towards clarity and calm around the nourishment you need and a healthier happier relationship with food and body.

What’s in the box?

All this for just £22.95.

The Pause to Nourish Box compliments my signature self-paced course – The Pause to Nourish Programme – and when you buy the box you’ll automatically get 20% off the course.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to the awesome women that have made this Pause to Nourish box possible.

Danielle from Discovery Journal

“The emotiwheel was a passion product of mine based my own lived experience and is my way of putting all that guidance and strength together that really helped me, into a resource you can turn to when you really need to hear it. People helping people is what motivates me every day to keep creating and people supporting people is what will ultimately change the conversation and culture around connections between mental and physical health in the future.”

Pause to Nourish Boxes 9

Ophelia from Oh Oils

“I’m passionate about essential oils. They are bursting with natural chemicals, clinically tested and known to improve our mental and physical wellbeing in so many ways. I believe they have such power to support our bodies through the hormonal flux associated with perimenopause. My oils are responsibly cultivated and harvested by our family company tucked away in a beautiful valley on the edge of the New Forest and I’m so pleased to be able to share them with you!”

Becky from Hazel & Blue

“We create all of our nature inspired products by hand in our dedicated barn studio just outside Bath. All of our scented products and gifts are perfect for you to have some self-care relaxation moments at home. Our natural eco-friendly calm wax melts are made with 100% natural soy wax and vegan friendly oils, ensuring a relaxing and mood boosting scent aroma. We were delighted to hand pour these bespoke soy wax melts for Laura’s Pause to Nourish gift boxes. Laura chose the calming scent of Peony Blush and natural dried rose petals which have the most beautiful long-lasting scent.”

_Sarah+ Mark Downey Coffeenotes 1

Sarah from Coffeenotes

“We create simple sustainable stationery in Dorset, from {re}cycled coffee cups, and {re}purposed waste from food, drink, and textile manufacturing. Our carbon-neutral, luxury notebooks, planners and notepads are consciously crafted to minimise their impact on our planet.   Our award-winning beautiful stationery makes writing, drawing, and doodling a pleasure, bringing purpose to your thoughts, and your day.”

Take a pause to nourish

What others have to say

“This gift is just perfect – thank you so much”

Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

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