The Anchor Programme.

A standalone package that combines nutrition and behavioural therapy for the midlife body, mind and soul.

It’s your time to nourish your body, heal your relationship with food and take back your power.

Do you feel you need a solution for your weight struggles, but yet another diet doesn’t feel like the answer?

The Anchor Programme takes you step by step through an evidence-based process that is holistic, tailored to you and rooted in science.

Does this sound familiar?

– You want to feel better able to deal with all that mid-life is demanding of you.

– Countless diets and food dos and don’ts are leaving you second guessing or feeling guilty for your food choices.

– Your relationship with food feels like quite a negative one, and yet thoughts of food, dieting and your body shape fill your head all the time.

– Life feels like it’s on hold, or not being lived to its fullest, until you lose weight or feel better about yourself.

– Perimenopausal symptoms are unpredictable and leave you feeling less like you.

– Diets you tried in your 20s and 30s aren’t the right fit for you now, but you’re lost as to what is.

If this sounds familiar, The Anchor Programme has been designed with you in mind.

Over the many years I’ve supported people with their weight management, I have seen evidence, time and time again that:

– It’s not your fault that weight tends to go back on after you diet.

– It’s not because you lack self-control, motivation or will power.

You deserve for it not to feel like a daily struggle that defines you.

Understanding and working with perimenopausal weight gain.

By our 40’s our bodies have already carried us through so much. They are wiser and more lived in.

In a world where diet culture is loud and persuasive, it can be hard to figure out, what is and isn’t within our control. Is the answer to get stricter with ourselves? To restrict and pursue grueling diet and exercise regimes?

I don’t believe so.

I no longer get my calculator out and work out your energy requirements in order to work out a calorie deficit and a prescriptive diet. If that really worked long term, I would have the evidence for it, spanning over 20 years of my career, which I don’t.

I am not anti-weight loss, but I am against the blinkered pursuit of it at all costs.

I’ve learnt what we actually NEED to improve our health, feel better about ourselves and flourish is a more considered, holistic approach, designed to work with real humans, juggling real life.

Midlife brings with it a lived experience and an opportunity to work smarter, not harder to achieve a true sense of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

Now is your time to do it differently. Understand your body, harmonise with your hormones and step into your power.

The Anchor Programme.

A refreshingly different approach.

A holistic 12-week programme combining behavioural therapy, psychological support and nutritional science for improved physical and emotional health.

It is possible to feel like you’ve got YOU back, with a nurturing toolkit, that is backed by an evidence-based framework. Great things can happen when you shift the focus away from the scale.

The Anchor Programme can help you:

– Navigate your peri and post-menopausal years with greater clarity, nourishment and control.

– Understand your body in its truest sense.

– Develop a new relationship with food and movement, so that they no longer feel like the enemy.

Feel confident and a renewed sense of self with a fresh approach and a toolkit of strategies to ‘anchor’ you.

Create a peace and structure around food, that improves your physical and emotional health. 

Shift the focus away from weight loss being the measure by which you either succeed or fail.

Feel free from fickle quick fixes that aren’t sustainable.

Allow life to carry on because it always will – and learn what you need to anchor you and thrive within it.

“What I loved about this programme is that it felt completely doable and fitted into my normal life”

Let’s explore for 20 mins free of charge so I can give you an idea of how we could work together and how I can help you.

You can ask anything you like, and we can ensure we’re the right fit for each other. There’s no obligation to commit and it’s good to talk!

“This programme has been transformative. How I view myself has totally changed and that is priceless.”

Why work with me?

Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant

I qualified as a registered dietitian back in 2001 driven by a passion for people and health (and food)! I’ve worked in weight management for over 20 years, setting up and running a variety of weight management services in the NHS for 15 of those.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 12,000 individuals and they’ve taught me a lot, about the science of weight loss, the stages of our lives and the truth behind the veil of diet culture that surrounds us all the time.

  • We are all unique with different genetics, upbringings and environments that literally shape who we become.
  • Our perimenopausal bodies have brought us so far on a journey they are deserving of a nurturing, realistic and practical approach.
  • Weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss are entirely separate things – just because you can achieve the first, it doesn’t mean you can achieve the second. Maintenance alludes most people, including the scientists and researchers.
  • There is a reason why there is a correlation between the pounds the diet industry is making, and the pounds we are gaining.
  • We cannot apply calculators, glossy meal plans and simple logic, to a process that is rooted in our basic primal survival. We can be scientific, but also stay true and kind to our evolving selves.

I invite you to pause, take a breath and explore other options.

What we'll cover.

Session 1: Pause and build a picture

Sessions start with exploring all the factors that relate to your dieting journey, eating habits, lifestyle behaviours and your health and well-being so far.

It is important to understand your unique lived experience with it all.

We then begin to give you clarity and set you off on a more peaceful and nurturing road, which includes a bit of homework!

Session length: 90 mins

Sessions 2-5: The heart of the journey 

Using tailored tools and reflective exercises, we continue the journey. This will include:

  • Building trust and confidence in what your body needs.
  • Exploring attitudes and beliefs around food, your health and your body, so you can work out what’s been holding you back.
  •  Addressing the barriers and challenges that exist at the moment so that you can create a nourishing balance between physical health, emotional well-being and inner attunement.
  •  Looking at mindset to enable you to approach conversations and make decisions around body shape, physical movement and food choices more constructively.
  • Shifting your focus and attitude so that you will have a better relationship with food and other lifestyle behaviours, for life.

Session length: 60 mins each

Session 6: Time to reflect

You’ll be 12 weeks down the line now and hopefully feel like you’ve come a long way on your journey.

We’ll bring it all together and give you a sense of what the next steps are for you, as you reflect on the clarity, confidence and sense of control you’ve now achieved, on your own terms.

Session length: 30-45 mins

“The work we have done together has been nothing short of profound.”

– Sarah

Making it work for you.

The Anchor Programme supports you on a one-to-one basis with flexibility to work around your schedule and is delivered online over 3 months.

We both get to keep our slippers on, whilst getting to the heart of what’s really going to help you.

After your initial free 20-minute discovery call, we have a total of 6 hours together face to face over zoom.

Appointments are predominantly during the day (when I’m at my best)!

Your free discovery call is 20 minutes and then the first appointment is 1.5 hours long and

Follow up sessions are an hour, every 2 weeks.

Your final session will be 30-45 mins, at the end of the 12 weeks.

We communicate between appointments, as and when you need, via a digital tool called Voxer, which works like Whatsapp.

You have access to your own visual board on Trello, which you can personalise. Here I will upload various resources including reading materials, PDF’s, videos, podcasts etc. That’s yours to keep forever and you can add to it, thereby creating your very own wellbeing portfolio.

Your Investment.

The Anchor Programme.

12 weeks of support

6 x 1:1 coaching sessions

Contact as required via Voxer app.

Personalised Trello board for lifetime access to materials

Investment: £775

Payment plan – £260 / per month for 3 months

“I’m a different person. I feel stronger, calmer and comfortable with my diet. I understand my body better. You’ve really steadied me; I feel better about myself, and more in control of my emotions. I’m kinder to myself, and consequently feel more valued.”

This programme IS for you if...

  • • You can’t bear the thought of yet another restrictive diet and are ready to look at things in a more enlightening way.
  • • Your body is changing and weight loss feels like a struggle.
  • • You want to feel back in control.
  • • You’re ready for some reflections, revelations and some investment in you.

This programme is NOT for you if...

  • • You’d like another prescriptive diet plan.
  • • You’re not ready to take a smarter, more holistic look at your weight and health management.
  • • You’re not able to commit to some ‘homework’ between appointments. This is designed to fit into real life, but if you’re about to move house for example, it’s probably not the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions.

My experience tells me diet plans are short lived. Initially they feel like the answer, as someone else has done the thinking part, but in reality they don’t arm you with the tools you truly need to build confidence in your food choices and relationship. Instead, discussions are entirely collaborative and can involve meal and snack ideas and building confidence around portion sizes that feel right for you.

This programme is designed to regulate your food intake and create calm around your food relationship. There are many factors that influence our body weight regulation, some of which are not even within our conscious control. For some weight loss does occur, but this is not the primary focus of the work we do together.

The frequency and length of the sessions lend themselves to us working together online. I’ll always aim to be as flexible as possible though, so we can talk about this. 

Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

Download my menopausal meal planner and access Nourish Lounge seminars for education and inspiration in all things midlife health.