The Nourish Lounge

Your midlife roadmap to better health and vitality through the menopause and beyond.

The Nourish Lounge comprises mini seminars on lots of topics related to midlife, menopause and nutrition.  These are completely free to watch, once you are in my Pause to Nourish community.

When a new one is being delivered live, you will get notified via email and are welcome to come and join. They’re usually over lunchtime so you can keep your camera on or off and enjoy some nourishment whilst you lunch and learn.

You can also access all previous sessions via the lounge archive.

It’ll either be me delving into a topic relevant to midlife and health in all senses of the word, or I bring along guests, for example mental health experts, medical professionals and personal stylists.

Topics so far include:

  • Menopausal Weight Gain
  • Belly Fat – Should we attack it?
  • Sugar – Should we quit it?
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Tips for accessing self-care and reducing anxiety
  • Styling the ‘middle’
  • The Power of Pulses

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Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

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