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The Pause to Nourish Programme

Thrive in life, away from dieting.

By midlife we feel wiser in so many ways, except perhaps in how to navigate our changing bodies and the constant challenge of what we should be eating to help.

What you’ve tried before simply doesn’t work anymore; it feels harder and fails to give you the results you desire. Your body is changing and seems to have a mind of its own. Speaking of minds, yours is overwhelmed and you’re not sure where to go from here.

You’re not alone and there is another way. A path away from confusion and fear of failure towards calm, control and nourishment all on your own terms.

With a pause comes power.

Power to reconnect with and understand your body.

Power to create space and freedom from food and diet hang-ups.

Power to move forward with purpose and clarity on how you wish to nourish and take care of yourself. 

Time to step into your power.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel disconnected from your body, irritated with it even and overloaded with information. It’s exhausting second guessing everything you eat and you’re not sure which way to turn.

“I’ve tried cutting carbs, eating less fat and intermittent fasting but nothing seems to work and I feel dreadful”.

The midlife to do list is longer than ever – there’s a lot on your shoulders and other people to consider.

You’re surviving rather than thriving. 

Understanding our midlife body.

By our 40’s our bodies have carried us through so much.

It's time to be on their team...

In a world where diet and wellness culture is loud and persuasive, it can be hard to figure out what we should be doing for the best.

Here's what traditional diet regimes fail to understand about menopause and our bodies:

Mind-Body Connection
Perimenopause and menopause marks a turbulent time for your body. Tuning into its cues and needs becomes crucial. With diet culture loud in our ears, interpreting signals can feel hard and conflicting. Reconnecting our mind and body creates calmer foundations which in turn helps symptom management and facilitates a smoother menopause transition. 

Supporting Hormonal Changes
Hormone fluctuations during perimenopause can trigger fatigue, emotional eating and cravings. Relying on will power or rules around what we’re ‘allowed’ to eat cannot counteract these primal shifts and we need a new toolkit to work with instead. 

Stress Reduction
Perimenopause and menopause can cause increased stress and anxiety (as does dieting!). A non-diet approach promotes stress reduction, mindfulness and self-compassion, all of which help to alleviate the negative impacts of stress on midlife metabolism.

Body Acceptance
Menopause can challenge our body image due to physiological changes, not all of which are within our control. A more considered approach shifts the focus from external appearance to internal well-being. Exploring body acceptance and gratitude for what the body can do fosters a more positive body image and improves emotional health, and in turn our relationship with food.

As oestrogen levels decrease, heart and bone health become a concern. Non-diet approaches encourage a diverse and balanced diet, and foster the way for nutrition to become our ultimate superpower. 

Picture how different it would feel if you were living a life where you’re not at odds with your own body and where you’re not dreading the next diet before it even begins.

If you’re ready for a new chapter that’s sustainable, nurturing and fulfilling,
the Pause to Nourish Programme is your perfect companion. 

The Pause to Nourish Programme

Be connected, be nourished, be free.

Enjoy a self-paced curriculum to fit round you.

The next group coaching option which combines 12-weeks of group support, expert guidance and gentle accountability starts in March 2024.

If you prefer ultimate flexibility, you can also buy this course to complete entirely self-paced, any time of the year, without the group coaching. Click here to buy this course now. 

This programme will:

–  Free you from the shackles of food and diet-related anxieties.

– Give you a calm space to understand and reflect on what’s happening to your body and mind hormonally. 

– Enable you to develop tools to build trust and connection to your body and what it needs.  

– Allow you to explore the stuff that feels hard with a small group of women going through the same thing. 

–  Clear the overwhelm in your head, allowing you to nourish with clarity and confidence. 

– Help you to create sustainable, nurturing habits. 

Allow life to carry on because it always will – whilst learning what you need to anchor you and thrive within it.

What the programme covers...

Module 1

Hormones & body changes

Gain a deeper understanding of your midlife physiology, your hormones and how it all relates to your body, its needs and your eating habits and behaviours. This module will start you on the path to being on the same team as your body enabling you to work with it and not against it.

Module 2

Emotional Fitness

Be guided gently through some key considerations for mental well-being and our relationship with food and body. Make sense of beliefs and values you hold around food and your sense of self. Learn techniques to support a more nourishing relationship with yourself and food.

Module 3

Nutrition agility

Achieve a thriving relationship with food by working with it, not against it. Learn the power of food in supporting you to feel better, manage symptoms associated with the menopause transition and protect your life-long health.

Module 4

Nurturing habits for life

Combining all the learnings from Modules 1-3, now apply the science of creating habits that stick. Free up headspace and step into your power with confidence to act in a way that feels intuitive, authentic and in line with the values that matter most to you.

Midlife is a season of empowerment, and this is your roadmap to embracing it.

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“A truly refreshing and thought-provoking experience.”

What about weight?

This all sounds appealing, but I’d still really like to lose weight!

Committing to an approach like this doesn’t mean you simply stop wanting to lose weight, but it does give you an opportunity to reassess what is driving that desire. If we continue to pursue weight loss at all costs, we often lose sight of the impact that has on our psychological well-being and overall health. Many of the women I work with would even go as far as to say the harder they try, the more weight they gain.

Part of this process is about understanding the nuance behind the veil of diet culture which we have grown up accepting as our societal norm and breaking free from the narrative we’re taught, that anything is possible, it’s just we didn’t try hard enough.

Dieting will always be put forward as a solution by the powerful diet industry, with little attention paid to the complexities of our bodies, especially when going through the menopause. 

Repeated dieting strongly predicts weight gain over time and can have a number of undesirable consequences through the menopausal transition, such as further disruption to hormones, muscle loss and exacerbation of emotional eating. 

There are many who will claim they hold the key to success – perhaps less carbs, more exercise, more fasting, more protein, less fat. There will always be something else that persuades us to stay on that gruelling path, but at what cost?

Taking a pause to nourish offers calm and stability around our food choices and allows space to explore the beliefs that keep us wedded to the diet mentality.  

It is not anti-weight loss, but it does not place it front and centre as a measure of success or health. Instead, there is opportunity to cultivate a framework from which you can regain control, make nourishing choices that feel right and nurture a positive relationship with yourself and your body, all on your own terms.

Why work with me?

Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant

I decided I wanted to be become a dietitian when I was 16, driven by a passion for people and health (and food)! Turns out that was a good decision as I’ve now worked in women’s health for nearly 25 years.

In that time I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 12,000 individuals whilst committing to ongoing training and learning. I’ve come to appreciate the complexity and nuance that sits alongside health, weight regulation and human behaviour. Connecting the dots for each client, allowing them to flourish in all aspects of their health is at the heart of my work.

“It genuinely gave me the opportunity to pause, breathe and reconnect at a time when I needed it the most.”

Here's how group coaching works
(next group starts March 2024)

Prefer to focus on this alone? Or don’t want to wait for the next live version? That’s completely fine. You can click here to purchase this course as a self-paced, standalone offering, without the coaching sessions. Or get in touch to ask me a question.

Self-paced Option

Buy and start the programme today and work through on your own, at your own pace

Option to join the twice monthly nourish lounges for additional support and advice

10% off a future 75 min 1-1 session with Laura
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Lifetime access to materials and updates

Investment: £125

This programme IS for you if...

  • • You want to build better habits around food and your relationship with it, but you're not sure where to start.
  • • You want to get out of a rut and reclaim agency over your health and well-being.
  • • You'd like the flexibility to access video modules in your own time, but with the anchorage of support and gentle accountability from like-minded women taking the same journey.
  • • You’re ready for some reflections, revelations and some investment in you.
  • • You want to feel empowered through your menopausal transition and beyond.

This programme is NOT for you if...

  • • You’d like another prescriptive diet plan.
  • • You have complex physical or emotional health needs which would be better suited to 1-1 support.
  • • Weight loss is your only focus and you want to achieve this, whatever it takes.
  • • You want to see my legs. I'm afraid this isn't possible as this programme runs entirely online.

Are you ready to reclaim your relationship with food, nurture your well-being, and find the freedom you deserve?

Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

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