Weight & Body Changes

When seeking support for weight management in midlife you will often come across diet plans promising to help you ‘shed belly fat’. These often involve strict dietary regimes involving a combination of if not all of the following:

(or low carb)

Hard core exercise


These type of approaches focus solely on weight loss as a measure of success and health and often fail to consider the consequences or practicalities of following such plans in the long-term. I don’t believe they address the health and wellbeing of a woman as a whole, and I don’t subscribe to this approach.

Our desire for weight loss may always feel strong, but weight regulation is not, and never will be, completely within our conscious control – especially as we age AND go through menopause.

The work I specialise in is not anti-weight loss, but it does not place it front and centre as the measure of success, progress or health.

Weight Management - My Approach

Instead, I invite you to cultivate a framework which combines the following:

  • Nutrition and hormonal evidence-based science tailored to you.

  • Strategies to address the real-world practicalities and challenges that get in the way of achieving sustainable, positive changes for health and wellbeing.

  • Exploration of mindset and beliefs held around food, body and health for greater clarity and confidence around the choices you make.

  • Foody inspiration, meal plan ideas and midlife nutrition wins.

  • Eating in the context of other nourishment anchors – connection, calm, movement and rest.

The reason I work in this way is because it empowers the women I see.

1:1 Menopause Support Online

How to work with me

Every woman I work with has a unique lived experience and I work across a spectrum of needs. Whether it’s a one-off appointment or a longer, more therapeutic package of support, we can tailor something to suit you.

After sessions together, the women I work with are able to:

  • Make adjustments to their diet and lifestyles with greater ease.
  • FEEL BETTER in more ways than they expected.
  • Release themselves from the burden of the constant fear of failure.

Sound good? Here are your options...

Take the first step towards feeling better

Understand myths and truths around weight gain in midlife and walk away with actionable nutrition and lifestyle tips to support you to feel calmer and more confident in eating right for your body and health.

Take a Pause with Power…

Take your own journey

Invest in my self-paced Pause to Nourish Programme.

This self-paced 4-module programme brings together all the anchors of midlife health. It’s designed to help you create a healthier relationship with food and body to thrive in midlife.

Find out more…

Personalised 1-1 advice & support

Clinics: to find out more, send me an email and we can have a chat.

My 1:1 Anchor Programme: Tailored to you and grounded in the science of our midlife anchors, this is the more comprehensive way to work with me.

Free Menopausal Meal Planner and Nourish Lounge Chats

Simplify your way to Nourishment.

Fancy getting some clarity around what to eat and easing the stress in your head?

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