Perimenopause and menopause workshops for the workplace.

Menopause Support in the Workplace: talks & workshops

Facilitate your employees to invest in their health, enhance their performance at work and champion each other for improved physical and emotional wellbeing.

Menopausal health effects everyone (even men) – exploring its impact within the work setting in an empowering and informative way is a key strand of any employee well-being programme.

Laura’s popular ‘Menopausal Well-being – Turning Nutrition into your Superpower’ has been delivered to many organisations, including the BBC and NHS England with great feedback. 

Sessions brings to life (in a non-preachy way) the latest research on how food and nutrition can support the hormonal changes and symptoms associated with menopause, for example hot flushes, raised anxiety, cognitive function, changes to body weight and increased risks to bone and cardiovascular health.

Also delve a bit deeper, to look at the emotional and mental wellbeing side of menopause. How do we feel about our changing body image? How do we navigate and decide how to nourish ourselves, especially when faced with idealistic diet culture? And how do we truly define what it means to be healthy as we age?

Attendees take away some actionable tips and a fresh perspective.

Perimenopausal symptoms are wide, varying and at times all encompassing. Nutrition is foundational to how any woman navigates through this phase. Exploring it in the context of both mind and body allows every woman the opportunity to feel attuned and supported and to ultimately thrive within the workplace.

To find out more about the sessions and tailor something for your team, please get in touch.


“We all found the information and science behind the menopause, so insightful and helpful. Being educated on why symptoms are happening and how we can support ourselves through it is invaluable.”

“Laura is a natural, personable presenter who read the room perfectly and got the tone exactly right. She knows her subject inside out and answered the many questions with great knowledge and insight.”

Ginder Narle

Employee Health and Wellbeing Lead

“Thank you for presenting to the DHSC Family Menopause Network. We have received enormous praise and positive feedback from colleagues, acknowledging your expertise in diet and the links to the menopause.”

Laura’s expertise as a registered dietitian on the subject of nutrition in menopause was welcomed by our staff menopause group. Laura’s engaging style and easy to follow advice was invaluable in demystifying some of the foods that support living well during menopause. I have more confidence in what works and why and have now transferred some of the tips to the shopping list!

Sara Bolton Headshot

Sara Bolton

Chief Allied Health Professional, NHS England, South East Region.

Bespoke programmes for your teams

If you’d like to run a series of sessions under one of your employee wellbeing strands, then get in touch to shape something truly bespoke. Changing habits doesn’t happen overnight and engaging employees to take an empowering and structured look at their health and habits can bring real advantages to an organisation.

Underpinned by an evidence based framework that truly gets to the heart of an individual’s needs can be hugely rewarding for both the attendee and the organisation as a whole.

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