Perimenopause and menopause workshops for the workplace.

Menopause Talks in the Workplace

Menopausal health effects everyone within your organisation. Understanding and addressing its impact within the workplace is pivotal for fostering employee well-being. 

Nutrition serves as the cornerstone for navigating this phase with resilience and vitality.

Laura’s acclaimed seminars have been delivered to many prominent organisations, including the BBC and NHS England with great reviews. 

Sessions uncover the latest research on nutrition and menopausal health, blending it seamlessly with behaviour change insights to facilitate proactive self-improvement.

Explore how nutrition and food choices can be leveraged to support the hormonal changes and symptoms associated with menopause, for example hot flushes, raised anxiety, cognitive function, changes to body weight and increased risks to bone and cardiovascular health.

Beyond nutrition, Laura delves into the emotional and mental dimensions of menopause. She navigates discussions on body image, dismantles idealized diet culture, and redefines aging with a focus on genuine health and self-nourishment.

Attendees will emerge empowered with actionable strategies and a renewed outlook on menopausal well-being.

Laura is an accomplished speaker and frequently contributes to main press and media on many topics related to health and nutrition. To find out more about the sessions and tailor something for your team, please get in touch.

“We all found the information and science behind the menopause, so insightful and helpful. Being educated on why symptoms are happening and how we can support ourselves through it is invaluable.”


“Laura is a natural, personable presenter who read the room perfectly and got the tone exactly right. She knows her subject inside out and answered the many questions with great knowledge and insight.”

Ginder Narle

Employee Health and Wellbeing Lead

“Thank you for presenting to the DHSC Family Menopause Network. We have received enormous praise and positive feedback from colleagues, acknowledging your expertise in diet and the links to the menopause.”

Laura’s expertise as a registered dietitian on the subject of nutrition in menopause was welcomed by our staff menopause group. Laura’s engaging style and easy to follow advice was invaluable in demystifying some of the foods that support living well during menopause. I have more confidence in what works and why and have now transferred some of the tips to the shopping list!

Sara Bolton Headshot

Sara Bolton

Chief Allied Health Professional, NHS England, South East Region.

Bespoke Menopause Programmes

If you’d like to run a series of sessions then get in touch to shape something truly bespoke. 

Laura partners with Talking Menopause – a national organisation delivering specialist menopause training, offering a range of services to develop and sustain menopause confident working environments.

Collaborating with Talking Menopause enables us to deliver nutrition and lifestyle sessions as part of a broader menopause training package.

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